• 4 Steps for Organizing the Garage

    Guest Post by Michael Nokes

    Garages are one of the hardest working areas in our homes and often the most neglected. Personally, for me, it is the first space that I see when I pull up on my driveway so getting it organized is especially important.

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    For many of us, the garage is our personal storage unit. We put away excess items that we don’t always need to keep them out of sight. And sometimes a dismissive attitude toward storing belongings in the garage can create a cluttered nightmare. The car no longer fits, your important tools and equipment become inaccessible and finding any belongings when you need it becomes an hour-long project.

    The garage is an excellent storage space. With the right mindset and systems in place, it can be functional for all your needs. In this post, I will cover a list of things to do and types of systems to consider for getting the garage under control.


    Chances are you have quite a few things in the garage you don’t really need. The standard decluttering process of “Keep, sell/donate, and throw away” is effective for the garage because the opportunities for selling and throwing away tend to be more abundant than in other areas of the home.

    The more effort you put into this first step, the easier the job is to organize everything you keep. Focus on keeping necessities and tools and be strict against belongings the family has outgrown, old documents, and any gear that is past its effective usage.

    Picking Storage Systems

    There are two main features across garage storage you’ll need to weigh: accessibility and capacity. The more you try to fit in one area, the more difficult it can be to reach. Conversely, easy to reach items can use up more room.

    One way to balance this is to layer your storage according to your needs. Any layered shelving system and overhead racks work great for this task.


    Hang everyday tools and items on the wall or a shelf. Store seasonal and lesser-used items up high or on the bottom shelf. This method keeps belongings flush against the wall and utilizes otherwise unused ceiling space.

    For items you don’t use every day, store them together in containers. This saves you space and maximizes the capacity of your storage systems.


    Group and Label Items in Containers

    One of the best benefits of an organized space is that it eliminates the time to search for belongings. Unlabeled boxes can completely waste that opportunity.

    Sort items by category – camping, tools, cleaning, sports, decorations, and so on – place them into containers and label them. Make labels large and easy to read since visibility in the garage can be spotty.

    Safety First

    As a final check, make sure the garage is safe if you have pets or children. Oil, antifreeze, cleaning solutions, sharp and heavy objects, paint, and electrical equipment are typical items to store in the garage. Consider hanging some of them up high or locking them away in cabinets.

    Decluttering and reorganizing the garage is a large project that can take several hours or days depending on the situation. But the return you get is tremendous. You’ll save hours searching for lost items, tools will be easier to access, and you’ll finally be able to park the car inside. Don’t hesitate to do it! Plan a weekend to get it done and you’ll be grateful that you did.


    Michael Nokes works for Your Garage Guys, a garage storage and organization company in Columbus. He enjoys sharing tips on home organization and improvement. When he’s not working, he likes hiking, playing guitar, and spending time with friends and family.