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Lori Cela


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Cost of supplies and shopping fee additional.

Minimum 2 organizer teams

Sessions starting at 3 hours – $390 

Let us transform your space!


Word of mouth is an important part of the success of our business. For any client you send our way, we will thank you with a small gift certificate for our organizing services or a gift card to Target, Amazon or your choice among many other brands.

Gift Certificates

Give the gift of time and organization to your family and friends. Contact me to order a Gift Certificate. One can be mailed out or a file emailed so you can print. 2 hour minimum – team of 2 organizers


Need a little help maintaining your new systems throughout the year? No worries. We can come back for a refresh anytime and can work with or without you present. We can do anything from relabeling, adding storage, seasonal swap out or holiday put away. 

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Have at it 😜 My secret’s out. 
The very entertaining and so ransom worthy - photo stream of a professional organizer. 😂

Sometimes my family shows up here and there but this is it. Still following me? 

Lol. What’s on your photos? I wanna know the real you 😆

#justforlaughs #time4organizing #614
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Nothing will put you in a good mood like opening a beautiful organized drawer 🥰 don’t you agree? 

#drawerorganization #time4organizing #614
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Making the pantry sparkle again makes for the perfect way to start summer 🤩

Loved organizing this beauty and bring back systems to support the busy family and activities. 

Does your pantry sparkle? 

#pantryorganization #beforeandafter #pantrymakeover #pantrygoals #pantrychallenge #pantryinspo #time4organizing #614organizer #columbusohio #newalbanyohio #dublinohio #powellohio
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If there’s one thing I have learned on all my years of working as a professional organizer, is that with kids, less is more! I may get some frowns with this but hear me out:

Less to clean up, less to make decisions on, less overwhelm and frustration. It’s unrealistic to expect them to maintain the huge inventories of today’s bedroom and playrooms, crafts and hobbies. 

Kids may not be able to say it, may not even be aware that there is another way of dealing with stuff. The burden is on the parent to be the filter of how much comes into the home and what stays. 

Give them what they can comfortably manage and watch them thrive in an organized, clutter-free space. Simplify to amplify their creativity and joy! 

#ProfessionalOrganizer #FamilyOrganization #time4organizing #614organizer #lessismore #columbusohio
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“Teamwork makes the dream work! 🌟 

As a professional organizer, I know I couldn't do it all without my incredible team of hardworking ladies. ​​​​​​​​

Every day, they bring their dedication, passion, and expertise to help busy moms create the organized, stress-free lives they deserve. I'm so grateful for their support and collaboration. Together, we truly make magic happen! ✨​​​​​

On that note - we are looking to add an assistant organizer starting this summer. Reach out if you know someone who loves organizing and is interested in a part time position. 
💪 #Teamwork #DreamTeam #Gratitude #WomenEmpowerment #ProfessionalOrganizer #BusyMoms #teamworkmakesthedreamwork #time4organizing #614organizer #614moms
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Hello June ! Thank you May 🥰. 

Blessed to have had such a crazy busy month but realized I barely had any time to post and share projects. 😬 

In my mind now it’s officially summer! In my to do list that means planting flower pots, swapping wardrobes and packing for travel. In my soul that means sunshine, new cities to explore and hugging my parents again after one year. 

What does summer mean to you?

Happy June 1st - Childrens’ day in my native Albania 🇦🇱
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School is out and summer travel is coming up. Perfect time of year to get this young lady organized and all set with new systems and a fresh start. 

We truly loved transforming her bedroom and seeing her eyes sparkle with joy at all the possibilities. My favorite part was her giving her mom a detailed tour of everything in the end. Made my day! 

Are your kids done with school? 

#bedroomorganization #closetorganization #homeorganization #time4organizing #614 #614columbus #614organizer #bestorganizer #lovemyjob
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What would you pick if you could have only one? Let me know in comments. ⬇️⬇️⬇️

I actually do enjoy cleaning, my kids no longer need nannies so Im torn between a trainer and personal chef. 

I vote for a trainer. That’s where I fail 😂
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Even the most organized spaces need system resets! Kids grow, needs change and one day the pantry has lost its melody! We can bring the music back 🤩 adjust what is not working, relabel and add new solutions to make it sign again. Maybe even in italian, why not 😂🥰

Happy Weekend all ! 

#pantryorganization #newalbanyohio #time4organizing #homeorganization #professionalorganizer #614
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May your coffee be strong and your Monday be short! 

Hope all you mamas had a great weekend celebrating and spending time with your favorite people. 

Time to get back to the grind once again. But first, coffee from that beautiful beverage drawer we just created for you. I promise Monday won’t seem so scary anymore.

What’s your favorite coffee drink? Im a macchiato girl.
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