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Hello, I'm Lori

• Becoming a Certified Professional Organizer  is one of the most fulfilling decisions I have made in my life. I found out who I was finally meant to be, combine my passion/obsession for organizing and the deep desire to help people and make the world a better place.

 My background includes a Bachelor degree in Accounting and an MBA from Franklin University. I worked several years in Accounting and later helped run our family restaurant businesses alongside my husband. Perhaps that’s why I’m truly obsessed with organizing kitchens and pantries.

• I live in Powell, Ohio with my husband and 3 children. In my free time, I also enjoy traveling, spending time with family, cooking and eating a bit too much chocolate.

My Core Values

No Judgement

I come to you with an open heart and a deep desire to help.

There is no judgement on what your house looks like or how it compares to anyone else’s. I feel humbled and blessed to do what I do and be able to help.

You will find out I am just a mom who is really good at this organizing thing, and not so good at many many other things. I believe we all have our talents and this just happens to be mine.

Knowledge & Professionalism

I strongly believe in education and investing in my professional advancement.

As a Certified Professional Organizer, and a  NAPO Residential Specialist with now over 7 years hands on experience I bring to you knowledge and quality.

By working with us you can rest assured you will get someone who speaks not only from a place of personal  experience as a busy parent, but also from a place of knowledge and support.  


We strive to provide functional and beautiful spaces

While there are many styles of tidying up and organizing. I offer my clients spaces that not only function well but are also beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. 

Why? I strongly believe that as humans we are designed to appreciate beauty, symmetry and color harmony (look anywhere in nature). Investing in a proper system ensures you are much more likely to maintain it along with your family.

Success Stories

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