• Time 4 Organizing

    Time 4 Organizing

    My Journey of becoming a Professional Organizer When I was growing up in ex-communist Albania, I remember I wanted to be many things but I can say for certain that Being a Professional Organizer never crossed my mind. I don’t think it was even a thing back then.   I wanted to work in different […]


  • 4 Steps for Organizing the Garage

    4 steps for organizing the garage

    Guest Post by Michael Nokes Garages are one of the hardest working areas in our homes and often the most neglected. Personally, for me, it is the first space that I see when I pull up on my driveway so getting it organized is especially important. It is a pleasure to collaborate with like-minded professionals such […]


  • Will it stay that way?

      This is an interesting question I get asked on a pretty regular basis. Many people don’t think they can maintain so they don’t even try. Here’s my Professional Organizer’s take on a recent work session: I was finally placing labels on the new bins and putting on the finishing touches. The pantry looked perfect.  We […]



    resolutions don't work

    The start of the New Year feels like turning a new blank page on your life story. This new beginning tricks us into thinking that we will finally get motivated to do all the things that we have been meaning to. It is supposed to inspire us to do better and achieve our dreams. So […]


  • Why “good enough” is the new perfect.

    Standing at the bedroom door, I was trying to wrap up our last organizing session. Looking back at the room I could not help but feel somewhat of a disappointment with myself. So much more could be done with that space. Sigh… Even a professional organizer struggles with the lesson that sometimes “good enough” is […]