resolutions don't work

    The start of the New Year feels like turning a new blank page on your life story. This new beginning tricks us into thinking that we will finally get motivated to do all the things that we have been meaning to. It is supposed to inspire us to do better and achieve our dreams. So […]


  • Why “good enough” is the new perfect.

    Standing at the bedroom door, I was trying to wrap up our last organizing session. Looking back at the room I could not help but feel somewhat of a disappointment with myself. So much more could be done with that space. Sigh… Even a professional organizer struggles with the lesson that sometimes “good enough” is […]


  • Organizing with Teens

    As a Professional Organizer sometimes I have the privilege to work one on one with my clients’ children. Sometimes even TEENAGERS !! I know what you might be thinking but I really love organizing teens and they are one of my favorite crowds. As I was organizing the bedroom with my client’s 14-year-old daughter a […]


  • 10 Common Organizing Mistakes

    10 Common Organizing Mistakes

    Tired of all the clutter in your home? Do you constantly feel like you are simply putting out fires instead of living and enjoying your family the way you want? Many people are very excited to get their homes in order but sometimes there are little things along the way that trip them up. Below […]