Although it is said a woman can never have “too many shoes”, sometimes she can run out of space. Especially if she spotted a really good sale at her favorite store this past weekend and happened to come home with 3 new pairs just in time for Valentine’s Day.



shoe organization
5 simple tips for organizing shoes



Well, nothing against shoes or any other clothing or accessory category ladies. Organizing is not about simply getting rid of stuff or depriving yourself from the things you enjoy. It’s about identifying the important and creating systems that will help you use and enjoy those items without wasting time and feeling guilty or frustrated.


But while it is fun to bring stuff home, especially if said stuff is a pair of new shiny red pumps, it is also important to give these things proper homes. Unless you are blessed with a Hollywood size closet, in a short amount of time you will be dealing with a surplus and then an unmanageable inventory of shoes, often mixed in with other items or clothing.



Here are my simple tips for keeping your shoe collection organized:


  1. Get all the shoes off the floor.


Quite often when organizing a client’s home we find dozens of shoes scattered on closet floors, under beds, behind doors, some upstairs and some in the basement. Your first instinct might be to put them on the floor but there is only so much horizontal space to go around even in the biggest closets. Designate a few shelves or invest in some stackable shoe organizers such as this unit from Wayfair where you can showcase and organize your shoes better.




  1. Group in categories


This can be anything that makes sense to you. Some people prefer to group by season, some by function such as athletic, dress etc. Or you can choose to group by color as I do.



  1. Alternate shoe direction

Consider alternating the direction of each shoe (toe/heel) when placing them on the shelves. This helps you gain a few more inches of precious storage space if you are running tight.


  1. Stackable Boxes

Use stackable clear storage boxes such as these from the Container Store. It can double the storage space and help you easily find the pair you are looking for. You can even store some of them higher up in the closet when out of season.




  1. Declutter

While you are at it, let go of anything broken, not fitting well or not used anymore so you can finally enjoy the ones you do.




Tell me, how many pairs of shoes do you own?